Premium Online Casinos for European Roulette in 2023

You would be hard-pressed to locate a casino game that is more recognizable or popular than online Roulette. This game, which originated in France more than two centuries ago and rapidly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world, is celebrated in casinos and popular culture alike, in countless films, television series, plays, and even reality television!

Online Premium European Roulette is one of the two most popular variations of this classic game. Our top Canada online gaming experts have compiled a list of the best real money sites to play Premium European Roulette in 2023, with Spin Palace as our top pick.


Below, we will investigate:


The fundamental gameplay of premium European roulette online

Differences between European Roulette and other variants

Effective strategies for novice competitors

Beginning of the Game


The Premium European edition of the game is one of the two most popular versions of this classic game currently available. American roulette is the second main variant. Aside from one minor distinction, the gameplay of both is identical. Therefore, when Canadians visit an online casino, their first choice is Premium European Roulette. Let’s first examine how a game is played.


Premium European Roulette casino online gaming is the ideal real cash game for Canadian online roulette enthusiasts because it makes the casino classic European Roulette thrilling and accessible to online players.

Simply the Basics

The Premium European Roulette game is played on a rotating wheel while a ball is released and spun in the opposite direction. The wheel contains numbered and colored sections. Each position has a number between 1 and 36 as well as a red or black color. There is an additional green slot for the house with a solitary 0 on it.


Players wager on which slot will be the winner by wagering on a number or series of numbers, or a winning color. After all wagers have been deposited, the ball is released, eventually slowing down and landing in the winning slot.


The Difference of Zero

The green house terminals distinguish an online Premium European Roulette game from American Roulette. American Roulette has two green slots, one with a single 0 and one with two 0s, whereas European Roulette only has one green slot with a single 0.


The absence of the double 0 slot in European roulette gives players a reduced house edge and, consequently, a greater chance of winning.


Betting and Odds

As in American Roulette and other variants, there are two main types of wagers available to players: inside and outside. It is essential that when you visit an online casino, you understand Premium European Roulette well.


Inside Bets

The term “inside bet” derives from the betting grid on the table, which displays the digits 1 through 36 in rows of 3, with a 0 at the top. Outside the numbers are various types of real-money wagers known collectively as outside bets, which we will examine below. For inside wagers, there are five distinct options:


Straight bets are wagers placed on a particular number on the grid/wheel.

This is a wager on two adjacent numbers on the wagering grid (2 and 3, which are adjacent, or 4 and 7, which are stacked).

Street bet: This is a wager on any three numbers in any given succession (e.g., 7, 8, and 9).

Corner bet: a wager on a square containing four numerals that share the same corner (for example, 4, 5, 7, and 8).

Double Street bet: a wager on six numerals that share two adjacent rows (such as 4, 5, and 6, and 7, 8, and 9).

Outside Bets

In Premium European Roulette, outside bets are categorical wagers that encompass the numbers on the grid (the inside bets). There are several categories of outside wagers:


Column wager: a wager on all twelve numbers that appear in one of the three vertical columns on the betting matrix.

Dozen bet: a wager on the twelve numbers comprising the first, second, or third group of dozens (such as 13 to 24).

Even wager: a wager on all even numbers in the grid.

unusual bet: a wager on each of the grid’s unusual numbers.

Black/crimson wager: a wager on a specific colour (black or crimson slots).

Low/High wager: a wager on either the first (low) or second (high) portion of the numbers, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36.


Inside wagers are statistically much more difficult to win, so their payout odds are much greater. Straight wagers have the greatest payout at 35 to 1. Next is the split wager, which returns 17 to 1. Street wagers pay 11 to 1, while corner wagers pay 8 to 1. The lowest inside wager is the double street, which yields 5 to 1 and is the least profitable.


Outside wagers have much lower payout rates than inside wagers due to the fact that they are much simpler to win. The payout ratio for columns and dozens is 2 to 1, while payouts for highs, lows, evens, odds, and red or black wagers are 1 to 1.


Strategy for Beginners

If you are unfamiliar with Premium European Roulette, it may appear that there is no strategy involved. The first assumption is correct, whereas the second is quite false. Here are a few fundamental strategies for beginning players of online roulette.


Probable Outcomes

In roulette, the concept of probability has a very distinct meaning than it does in card games. The longer you stay and play new hands from the same deck or group of decks, the greater or lesser the probability of obtaining certain types of hands, because played cards do not return.


In contrast, in roulette, the numbers and, consequently, the probability of a given number being the winning number are static, remaining constant from spin to spin. Consequently, the concept of probability has a fundamentally different meaning in roulette.


Consider probability in roulette by asking, “How likely is it that the ball will land on this or that slot?” The likelihood of it landing on the number 17, for example, is extremely low. However, the odds of it landing on a red slot are quite high, nearly 1 in 2 (16 black, 16 red, and 1 green slot).


Expand Eagle

As previously mentioned, the odds of landing a straight bet (a wager on a single number) are quite low. As thrilling as it can be to win such a wager, a wiser strategy would be to spread out your bets.


Placing bets on outside wagers such as odds or evens, or perhaps even risking one or two corner bets per round, will not make you an instant millionaire, but it will improve your odds of winning money and allow you to keep your bankroll for more rounds. Ultimately, the objective is to triumph, right? What does it matter if you win slowly in Premium European Roulette?


Keep an Eye on Your Financial Situation

Some would call this a strategy, while others would label it common sense. In either case, it is strongly advised that you determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on a game before you begin playing in Canada. Consider how many rounds you wish to play in order to have fun. Then adhere to those figures.


Don’t continue playing if you’re on a losing streak and wager your entire budget. And if you’re winning, as thrilling as it may be, leave the table after the number of rounds you intended to play. Follow this timeless and wise bit of advice: quit while you’re ahead!


Mobile Compatibility Premium European Roulette is one of the most popular casino activities for real money. Canadian gamers will have no trouble locating a site to play on using their home computer or mobile devices, including Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerries, Windows Phone, and all other main mobile devices.


As long as you perform on any of the recommended sites, you will be able to use any mobile device you possess. Even though Apple and Android phones typically have downloadable casino applications, you shouldn’t be concerned if you don’t have one of these devices. Even Windows and BlackBerry mobile devices can be used for online gambling. You need only access the casino through your web browser.


As diehard Canadian roulette aficionados, we appreciate the ease and enjoyment of Premium European Roulette. Canadian gamers will appreciate its traditional gameplay and marginally improved odds. You can test it yourself immediately. Check out our list of the best online casinos for real money in 2023 to see how rewarding winning can be.



How does one play a game of Premium European Roulette?

The rules are identical to those of other variations of roulette. After wagers are deposited, the wheel is spun and the ball is released. European roulette has only one green 0 position, whereas American roulette has two.






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